Summer in Sierra Morena. The hill slopes are faded by the sun. Sand roads cross the land. Fences mark the borders of property. A dry water reservoir lays in the valley. Larissa travels with her nine-year old twins Jon and Ole to the family finca to meet their father. Her mother-in-law Pilar prepares for the guests’s arrival while her younger daughter Amalia looks after the land. When the father of the twins does not arrive as planned, the estranged family members encounter each other in this foreign, yet familiar place.

Original title Tal día hizo un año

International title For the Time Being

Duration 71 min

Year of production 2018 – 2020

Cast Melanie Straub, Jon Bader, Ole Bader, Pilar del Pino and Amalia del Pino

Written, directed and produced by Salka Tiziana

Cinematography Tom Otte

Light Design Marvin Hesse

Aerial Photography Daniel Gerlich

Costume and Set Design Marie-Charlotte Elbers

Original Sound and Design Mario Schöning

Music plastiq

Sound Mix Felix Roggel

Editing Salka Tiziana

Color Grading Edmond Laccon

Title Design Studio other types

Production Manager Stella Flicker

Production Assistant Leonardo Poeschel García-Courtoy

Co-Producers Chantal Scheiner and Tom Otte

Supported by

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig Holstein

Nominated for First Steps Award 2019