A young girl packs her things. Without a word, she leaves her parents’ holiday home. On a country road a car approaches: a young man. They drive along the nordic coast. Surrounded by the slight noise of wind and rain, and the sound of tires on concrete. In sight the open soil, faint dunes, waves breaking at the shore.

Black. From the backseat the girl sees the young man: he gets into his car, he drives off.

Original title Hinter Glas

International title Behind Glass

Duration 14 min

Year of production 2018

Shooting format 16mm color

Aspect ratio 1,66:1

Sound Stereo

Cast Adela Masuch and Valentin Masé

Written and directed by Salka Tiziana

Cinematography Tom Otte

Light design Marvin Hesse

Original sound and mix Jakob Spengemann

Art direction Mara-Madeleine Pieler

Assistant camera Torben Maede

Steady-Cam Thomas Neumann

Assistant director Benjamin Hassmann

Editing Salka Tiziana

Digital color grading Tilman Holzhauer

Produced by Salka Tiziana and Tom Otte

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